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SEPTSA often gets requests for information regarding service providers that serve special needs students.  Over the years, SEPTSA has compiled some resources that can guide parents toward finding a provider that may help address your child's need.  If we don't have a provider to address that category of need, we can reach out to other members who we believe may have a recommendation.  

We make no endorsements as to the provider's quality, pricing, or even if their offerings are still current, and we do not receive any compensation for these services.  These are provided as a starting point for parents to begin their research and make their own determination on the appropriateness of a provider.  


Parents can contact SEPTSA via e-mail with specifics as to what type of service they seek.  Please include the age and gender of your child and a brief description of your child's challenges.  

Meeting Materials

We realize that families cannot always attend meetings and programs.  SEPTSA tries to post presentation materials where possible, but often much of the information is gained from the discussion and questions asked by our audience.  If you were unable to attend one of our programs and do not see materials posted, please contact us and we can give a summary of the discussion.


IEP Goals / Presented by the WWP Special Services Department (1/31/18)  

ADHD & Executive Function Deficits Explained (10/16/18) 


Using the IEP to Advocate for Your Child (1/30/19)


Successfully Navigating the IEP Process (2/17/21)


Standing Rules for PTSA Management  (9/27/22) 

Meeting Minutes (9/27/22)    

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