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MAP Testing Results - WWP recently distributed Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing results to families through the "documents" tab in the Genesis portal.   The test provides information to compare your child's score against the District norm, the national norm and a projected growth score for the next test in spring 2020.  This information can be used to discuss a student's progress and the appropriateness of his/her IEP goals.

Re-examination of "Meaningful Progress" in IEP Goals - Last fall, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of K.D. v. Downington Area School District ruled on the application of the “meaningful benefit” standard in the Supreme Court's ruling in Endrew F. for FAPE.  In Downington, the IDEA requires that the student’s IEP be revised to address a lack of progress toward achieving his/her goals and that measures be put into place to improve targeted skills.  This has been viewed as reaffirming that districts should provide programs offering meaningful benefit for the student with challenging objectives and facilitating general education inclusion where possible with traditional measurements of grade level progress.

Inappropriate Placement to Dodge Poor Testing - A Judge recently ruled that a FL School District denied student's right to “free and appropriate public education” by transferring him into a more specialized classroom for lower IQ students to dodge the impact of the student's anticipated poor testing.  The student was denied 6+ years of skills development so the District, school and teachers could benefit from incentives tied to overall student performance.  For NJ, the state ranks among the lowest in the nation for inclusion performance (just above Arkansas and Montana) as ranked by a 2018 National Council on Disability study.

PARRC Remains Until 2022 - New Jersey legislators have decided to keep the PARCC until the NJDOE has found a suitable replacement.  Despite the controversy, many special needs families find standardized testing helpful to determine if their child is performing on grade level.   

IEP Meetings Qualify for Family and Medical Leave Time Off - A recent opinion letter from the United States Department of Labor confirms that the parents are eligible under the Family and Medical Leave Act to time off from work to attend their children's IEP meetings.  See link with opinion letter:

Vaping Investigation by NJ Department of Health - New Jersey is among 25 states investigating a dramatic rise in severe lung disease linked to vaping.  Alerts were recently sent to medical professionals across the state.  The rise is most acute in teens and young adults resulting in vomiting blood, severe addiction and harming brain development.  

Sponsorship Thanks - We thank the Elks Lodge of Princeton #2129 for their generous donation to help fund our programs this year.  Please visit their website to see the  special needs programs they host and support

Volunteer Thanks and Opportunities - We appreciate volunteers who helped at the NJ Triathalon in July and with our PTSA annual audit in August.  We have volunteer opportunities for students and adults as short as 1-2 hours as well as more long term roles if desired.  Service hours documented upon request. Contact for more information.

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