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WW-P Civil Rights Violation in Report to President -  The 2022 annual report to the President and the Secretary of Education by the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights ("OCR") features the denial of services to a WW-P student.  After investigating complaints, OCR confirmed on multiple occasions WW-P failed to implement provisions in a Section 504 Plan for a student with diabetes.  WW-P is required to provide training to all administrators related to its obligations under Section 504.  See attached report (pg. 31) for more information.     

BOE Proposal to Consolidate Autism and Multiple Disability Students to Wicoff - On 3/29, the Superintendent and Special Services Department proposed a consolidation of elementary students in autism and multiple disability programs to Wicoff School and reassignment of general education students to other Plainsboro elementary schools beginning in fall 2022.  Please see the link on the district website, current listed as "News" on the home page and under the Board of Education tab for archived agenda materials.  Voting for this proposal is expected to occur at the next BOE meeting on 4/26.  SEPTSA urges families to consider the impact of this proposal on special needs students and voice questions or concerns at the BOE meeting and/or to SEPTSA.  For questions and to discuss the impact, contact Kathleen at:

NJ DOE Additional and Compensatory Special Education and Related Services (arising from COVID) - On Dec 1, 2021, the NJ DOE Commissioners provided guidance regarding regulation P.L. 2021 c.109: "Providing Additional or Compensatory Special Education and Related Services to Students with Disabilities."  This law, promulgated in June 2021 and partially funded through the American Rescue Plan State Fiscal Recovery Fund (ACSERS) from pandemic conditions, requires BOEs to offer a maximum of 1yr of additional or compensatory special education and related services (including transition services) to students with disabilities if the IEP team determines the student requires such services.  Students eligible are those who exceed (or will exceed) the current age of eligibility for special education and related services (21 yrs) in 2020-2021, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school years.  The IEP team is responsible for determining the type, frequency, and location of additional or compensatory special education and related services.  Disputes on IEP determination includes mediation conferences, due process hearings, and/or complaints alleging a violation of special education law.

WW-P Special Education Program Review - Documentation from the internal and external review of the Special Services program is available on the District website.  SEPTSA is seeking comment by families of special needs students whether currently in the District, out of District or graduated.  Contact Lori at  Program review link:

Information on Assistive Technology - Disability Rights New Jersey is part of a national network of protection and advocacy services.  Visit its website for timely information on voting access and assistive technology among many other resources.

Sponsorship Thanks - We thank the Elks Lodge of Princeton #2129 for their generous donation to help fund our programs.  Please visit their website to see the  special needs programs they host and support  Due to COVID-19, events and programs may be more limited.

Volunteer Thanks and Opportunities - We appreciate volunteers who help us throughout the year.  During the summer, SEPTSA needs help with our PTSA audit (3 hrs) usually in August and with teens willing to mentor/ buddy virtually with reading and activities (1-2hrs session).  Throughout the year, we have volunteer opportunities for students and adults as short as 1-2 hours as well as more long term roles if desired.  Service hours documented upon request. Contact for more information.

If you have news both local and national that you'd like us to highlight on our website, contact Kathleen at


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