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Why Join? 

  • Understanding and Support - extending support beyond the classroom from families with similar experiences offering advice and resources

  • Connections - offering opportunities to network among parents, teachers and the administration with meetings, speakers and activities

  • Education - responding to questions and arranging topical speakers about the often complicated special education system.

  • Awards - offering award(s) for students transitioning from high school 

  • Student Programs - arranging meetings connecting students with special needs to those with or without special needs

  • Parent Programs - arranging speakers on relevant topics and hosting parent socials

  • PTA Benefits - providing same membership benefits as individual school PTA's

  • District - wide Scope - representing students from all grades and schools in the District

Join Online or by Membership Form

We appreciate your support of SEPTSA's work with your membership.  Interested families can join through electronic payment through this online MemberHub link or by printing our membership form and submitting the lower half to your child's school office or to the address listed in the form.   

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