We are a volunteer based organization, so your help is always needed and appreciated.  We have a variety of volunteering opportunities in the form of Committee positions that span the school year or "one day" offerings that help make the work that much easier.  If you're interested in helping us, please contact us at the e-mail listed on the Home page.


Joining us and becoming a member supports us in so many ways.  Not only does your $10 membership fee helps us ($6 supports County dues and our local SEPTSA, $4 supports the national and state PTA/PTSA), but the names of supporters on our membership roster shows the school district, community and national PTA that this organization is important and relevant.  


Donations from individuals and business as well as volunteering to support our fundraising initiatives helps defray the cost of speaker fees, scholarship, facility fees and other event expenses.  As with other PTAs, SEPTSA encourages direct financial support  in the Just Write a Check Campaign (or JWAC) to WWP SEPTSA.  We collect McCaffreys receipts (no older than 6 months old) which provide proceeds from 1% of applicable receipts.   We also participate in the CGI Racing's Volunteer Team enabling us to earn money for each of our participating volunteers.   We've also hosted other fundraising events either for students and families and are interested in new ideas and your support.