Available Progams

SEPTSA strives to provide relevant parent and student activities for our membership.  Please contact us if you are interested in our programs or have suggestions for future events or programs.
Parent Speaker Events

SEPTSA provides several membership meetings a year followed relevant speakers or panel discussions on relevant topics from a wide range of community organizations or district staff.  Our PTSA meetings are approximately 15 minutes in length and the speaker programs are approximately 1 hour.  We do not require membership to attending our meetings and speakers and generally do not charge a fee except for special events.  However, registering as a member and/or donations help ensure we can provide programs and events.  We host morning and evening meetings during the year to accommodate parent and student schedules.     

​Student Activities

SEPTSA provides student meetings and/or social events.  

We usually host panel discussions for high school students transitioning to college and for middle school students transitioning to high school.  The college panel consists of current college students who were WWP students with special needs accommodations.  The high school panel consists of students representing higher and lower grades, both schools and both genders.  We have also hosted improvisation workshops intended for middle and high school students to help build social skills.  

We also host Lego Buddies events which are get-togethers for students generally ranging from Kindergarten through 5th grade to parallel play with Legos and other building kits.  These gatherings are usually held for 1-2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday.   We occasionally hold Lego robotics training for special needs students and can help parents learn about the First Lego League robotic kits and competitions. 

SEPTSA helps to advocate for special students desiring to support each other.  We are assisting the newly formed Special Needs Student Alliance at High School North to bring together students who deal with special needs issues themselves or in their family.  

Award Programs

SEPTSA​ manages two awards supporting special needs students - one from Mercer County and one locally from WWP SEPTSA.  The Mercer County special needs award is funded by your PTA / PTSA membership throughout Mercer County and SEPTSA helps promote the award and select students graduating or transitioning out of the school district.  The WWP SEPTSA award is funded by SEPTSA membership and fundraising dollars and is also directed at graduating or transitioning students.